How To Stay Calm Before The Wedding

Whether you’re managing your own wedding or using an expert wedding planner, the days leading up to your wedding day will be loaded with details and family and friends buzzing all around you — emotions running high. To ensure that you continue your way to your big day with confidence, success and peace, below are some important tips that help to calm you before your wedding day.

How To Stay Calm Before The Wedding

  1. Think Ahead

Consider selecting a rehearsal date 2 days before the wedding day, not 1 day before. Most brides opt to hold their rehearsal on the night before the wedding day so that they can accommodate friends driving or flying in, but 2 days in advance will enable to have a relaxed and enjoyable rehearsal dinner and one free day before your wedding.

  1. Clean Up The Details

You should write most of the final payment checks, complete the reception table assignments, and review your wedding day schedule at least 1 week in advance. Every time you check one of the details off your list, you’ll be 1 step closer to enjoying your big day with a clear mind.

  1. Pamper Yourself

You should ensure that you are free from all your professional obligations 3 days before your rehearsal day. This will enable you to have enough freedom and time to schedule stress reducing activities, like long lunches with your friends, journal writing, spa services, workouts, shopping, leisurely walks and yoga.

  1. Delegate A Friend

You’ll make the guests feel special if you assign them tasks which are important to you. It’s not often that your family members and friends get together to celebrate an important event in your life, so make the best of it by assigning tasks to your close friends and family members. Play on their strengths, assign tasks to the people that you know can handle it. For example, you can assign a photo contact individual from each-side of the family, so that they can help the photographer know exactly the kind of Wedding Photography in Austin by 1840 you want to get and also ensure that the photographer does not forget.

  1. Delegate A Professional

You should avoid the temptation of having a family member or friend be your “day of” coordinator. A professional wedding coordinator will follow through on your detailed wish list/timeline and ensure that all your plans are executed without fail. Unlike a favorite aunt or an efficient friend, a professional wedding coordinator isn’t a guest and he/she will be fully focused on the requirements of your wedding.